Jacqueline Clouse — Slootty “Dog Trainer”. Jacqueline Clouse is a 30 year old in winnipeg, MB. She pretends to be diagnosed with a bunch of different medical conditions when she’s not. She’ll use anyone and do anything for her own personal gain, including throwing friends under the bus, lying to them, manipulating them, sabotaging their other friend ships then talk sh1t behind your back. She’ll sleep with anyone as long as their willing to help her financially, not even stopping to make sure their clean first, as in the NON CURABLE variety. Her dog is agressive around men, children and other dogs, it has almost attacked a few people and yet she asks them to use their children to help with his issues when she can’t handle him what so ever. Her dog was also in the News, getting kicked out of the city, and she calls herself a dog trainer. Beware her fetlife is little_wolf91