Jamie Lynn France She Will Use You Up Then Sweep Whats Left Of You Under The Rug. I got with Jamie Lynn France about 3 years ago… we were 2 weeks in to the relationship when she told me she was pregnant. She told me she wasn’t sure if I was the father because she was sleeping with ONE other guy before we got together. I chose to stay by her side and be the father to her child anyway because I have a big heart and I was developing strong feelings for her. My daughter was born and a couple months later we got the paternity test and she was not biologically mine. She will be 3 soon and her mother and I split about 4 months ago. One day out of the blue Jamie told me she was no longer happy in our relationship… of course I tried to see if there was anything I could do to fix it she didn’t want to. She told me she didn’t want to move on, she didn’t want to be with anyone else, and that she didn’t even want to talk to other men. That she wanted to figure out how to be happy alone. We were still intimate all the way up until about 2 weeks ago…. I knew there was something she was not telling me because I treated this woman like a queen… I did everything in my power to make sure her and her daughter were happy, healthy, and cared for… I asked and she flipped it on me telling me I was crazy. The next day I came home from a funeral and went to see my daughter and her… she left my daughter with her 60 year old mother and was at a bar with another man. I’m not going to lie I kind of lost it… she told me she contacted him the day before because of “how I’ve been acting lately ” I knew there was more to the story and I knew if I wanted the truth I would have to find it myself. I hacked in to her Facebook account…. and let me tell you the things I seen made me want to fucking puke! This nasty bitch had been talking to other men AND seeing other men for the past year and a half. She had been testing several other men trying to find the biological father to my daughter…. she had been sleeping with old men for $ on those nasty ass sugar daddy sites…. So I stood beside this woman, took her child on as my own and she played with my head and tried convincing me it was all my fault and that I was crazy…. she used me for everything I had and now that I found out the truth and put her on blast for being the lying, cheating slore she is, she is now trying to take my daughter from me…. the little girl that I watched be born, the little girl that had completely gotten my heart… I absolutely adore her and we are VERY close…. She had been having unprotected sex with MULTIPLE men and gave me an drd! She is a very cold, manipulative, and absolutely heartless! She had been selling her nasty pu55y to random OLD men 🤮So if you’re ever unfortunate enough to come across this woman… put up your walls because she will find your weaknesses and use them against you! She still does not know who the biological “father” to her child is. She has been doing every little thing she can to hurt me. She’s a hoe and she has drds, drds, and she’s bat sh1t crazy!