Jaspaul Sandhu Slumlord Disgusting Building Manager. Beware Calgary of this Slumlord dirty building manager Jaspaul Sandhu called [REDACTED] this guy is nothing but a clown and a dirty pig. He doesn’t manage the building at all he lets meth heads and junkies into the building and lets them sleep in the hallway he doesn’t do his job at all doesn’t belong in this position there’s constant break ins happening in the building car windows smashed suites being broken into absolutely disgusting person he is he will steal your money and rip you off he’s not a trained manager he needs to be known to the community on how lazy and worthless he is!! He is nothing but a scumbag liar and needs to be shunned from the building and his job!!! Absolutely disgusting human being!!!! Jaspaul Sandhu stay away from this man and this management company!!!!