Jennifer Lander AKA Jennifer Zradicka Elwood/East K Home Wrecker . Jennifer you know what you did, and now everyone else will. She had an affair on her husband (ex now) Jason. Ruined their marriage. Had an affair with another man, helped ruined his marriage, and now her new partner, he was married when they hooked up, right Randy. So, this is 3 examples of homes she helped ruin. My man was a little too smart for her, she tried getting with him, rumour out here at work Jenn. Guess what the talk around the water cooler is-oh you. On how you go after others. Not only do you take it in the a$$ all the time by Randy as you have told us at work – you know that news station you work receptionist at!! Your poor children, all these losers you bring around. We just looked up you current boy friend and he’s on here as a cheat too and a wife beater and a dead beat dad. Glad CFS was called on you. Glad they left that message here at work for all to hear. You’re a H O. To all the men that she met at the Cavalier get checked, she has a DRD and doesn’t use condiments, even when being f^^ked in the A$$. Get checked out, and for the rest of us at work, keep your eye on her. However she won’t last long here at work once she sees this. She’s a gold digger, that’s why Randy needs to work out of town now. True colours are starting to come out.