Jeremy Carey The Second Ex Calls Him Out. I lived with this guy for 5 years until he left me for his current ex because he worked with her but he didnt tell her he had a fiance . He did drugs and drank rather then be at home with his kid and myself. He is a child is a man’s body , he threw fits and lunched holes in our walls and didnt care what his kid saw or heard. He thinks he doesnt do anything wrong when he has been out all night and gets questioned only to be defensive because he had cheated. Then he went to work and didnt come home . He left his kid with me and was just gone. He didnt ever come back. He left me and still would get drunk and text me to get laid when his new wife and him were fighting . Ladies he will charm you and spend money on you to make you think your important then he throws it back in your face. Beware he is the dictionary definition of narcissistic behaviour. I hope his ex doesnt take him back it just gives the sleaze ball more power. I cant hate anyone more then I hate him , even his kid hates him . Now he wonders how pictures get here screenshots are easy fool.