Jesse Miller Profession Liar, Con Artist And Thief. This man will lie to 21 year old girls about his age to swoon them over and let them later find out he’s 37 years old. This swavvy man will win your heart over and then make you homeless. He will never tell the truth about anything. It would take hours to type out the crap he’s tried to get away with!!!! He will lie about family problems, or the most far out bullish!t like “losing a bull” or needing money for a lawyer in the states for a brain surgery that’s not real, just to take every dime you have. He took a 21 year old girls tax return, emptied her credit card twice, forced her to pull out a 5000 loan that he spent and claimed he’d pay back and all her savings. He owes her 13,000 and stole an iPhone 11 from her. Claimed he sent it in the mail and sent an empty box! She’s paying for a contract with his name with a number he’s never used because he is a manipulative liar beyond incredible sorts. He will lie anout anything and everything. Says he’s a farmer from blackfalds. Family lives in Leduc? He could be in Edmonton? But last she heard he said Medicine Hat. Who will ever know!!!! This piece of sh1t tried to propose to her with a 100$ pandora ring and told her it was 18,000$ !!!! Who would believe that. In the midst of their short lived “ relationship” he made her believe he and his family we’re wealthy farmers but the money he’d continuously take was because he was waiting on “allowance” So he takes her to kipscott and makes her finance a 2017 vehicle saying he’s gonna pay for everything, and he’s never paid a dime. She pays almost 1100 a month with biweekly payments and insurance. She’s 21 dude ! He would ditch he in hotel rooms across Alberta. He has no social media. When he WOULD send her PENNIES of what she’s owed he would do it through the bank teller and refused to etransfer. Fishy? Maybe. But he only ever sent her money twice. And it was pennies . Now he changed his number. No way to find or contact him. He’s lied about every aspect about himself we don’t even know if JESSE MILLER is his name. If you know this person, WE NEED ANSWERS , the stolen phone and the thousands of dollars owed and stolen from a naive 21 year old girl who was tricked by some creep. He will lure younger girls strictly for sex. He even made her buy his “sister” that she never met, 160$ lulu lemon tights that were never reimbursed. We think he has an actual girlfriend, maybe wife? Family? He also tried to convince this 21 year old girl to adopt some 11 year old kid with him that we also think is probably his actual son. He’s a cheater, a liar, and a good fvcking sweet talker. He’s smart and knows how to play. And he will play you dirty until you have nothing left. He ruined this girls life so bad she wanted to end her life and she ended up in the psych unit. Pay off her damn credit cards you emptied! Pay the 7500$ for the 5000$ loan!!!!! Cause oh ya! She paid off 2500 of it but the interest is so high it’s drowning her ! You made her live in her vehicle. You made her drive to hotels hours away from her city and pay for hotels you’d never show up to. And when you did, you used her for sex and then left her at the hotel. If you know this man, answers are desperately needed. Any information. Anything. Contact this number if you do, I’m trying to help her out. Thanks 🙂