Jessica Jennie Alfred — Jessica Alfred My Blue Eyed Beauty Cheats So Much She Gets Paid To Do It. Separated last year, my wife had been cheating on my for god knows how many years, every time I went fishing….she was living it up, under the covers of our bed in my house….I came to Anchorage to get my confidence back, I met Jessica Jennie Alfred. She had just lost every thing from a bad ex – so she said, so we stayed together, 1 thing led to another. I guess I didn’t want to see the obvious being in love, my friends warned me an I blew them off. . she was always getting hundreds of texts & calls & said she had a cleaning business… shed go out on jobs for an hour or two all the time day night mid night. She wasnt cleaning she was “massaging” to put it nicely. One night she didnt come back, called me from Anchorage jail – floozing , when I went to see her, I didn’;t know yet, she said she was arrested for speeding….she confessed all…and demanded I bail her out..