Jessica Thomas Hill Looks Cute But Will Wreck Your Bank Account!!! Wow! Where do I begin? She’s beautiful but be warned, she got me for hundreds and I suspect she’s gotten many of you out there as well! I was going to create a “support group” for all those she’s ripped off only to block or delete from her life as soon as the money stops. She will bait you in with her funny personality and at first she seems like a cool chic! She told me she was going through a divorce, I later discovered that was a lie! She wanted to make plans for a date but after a couple weeks worth of excuses, I found out that was also a lie. A few weeks into talking, she said she needed “help” with a few bills and because she seemed so classy and normal, I gave her money. This pattern continued a few times, always with her promising to pay it back, before she blocked me on all platforms. I found out recently that at least two other friends had the same exact thing happen and we suspect there’s MANY more. This woman has a working husband and she’s still somehow managed to convince numerous people to throw money at her! She’s real good guys! Yea, I’m an idiot! I know…. blast me! I’m willing to look like an idiot if it saves some other poor guys from falling victim to this chick!