Jessie Peyton Brouillette — Battle Grounds Finest. This nice gem right here is Jessie Peyton Brouillette. She is new to Battle Ground Washington. She used to reside in Eugene Oregon but since relocated. She runs from her problems and doesn’t bat an eye. She leaves wakes of turmoil with whoever she comes in contact with. She’s on a honey moon of partying and no responsibilities which is sad. She has a son that she neglects daily. By day she’s a medical assistant and by night, a bar tender at the local watering hole, [REDACTED] bar. Watch out for this one. She will lie through her teeth and you’ll eat it all up. She really thinks that people believe it. She will get close to you then make up some excuse to exit your life, but stays and plays childish games. Everything she describes about her “ex’s” are actually things she does. It’s very toxic and she will do nothing but waste your time. Now for the cherry on top, she has drd so keep your pipes clean boys. Do yourself a favor and do not get involved with this one. I feel bad for the current guy she’s living with. Banging him for free room and board. It’s only a matter of time before that resource dries up. Be warned! Oh and side note, watch out for her bar tender friends. They all shared the circle of the girl that keeps on giving. Sharing is caring. Don’t let the dolled up looks fool you. She wears more make up than a sideshow clown and her boob job is terrible. When she takes off her two bras (not kidding) they look like crazy eyes from Mr Deeds.