Jessy Villalpando Chicas Knowingly Slept With MARRIED Coworker. This is Jessy Villalpando Chicas age 35. She was married when she began ” talking” to a married coworker age 48. He was more than willing and actually he did initiate the ” friendship ” however she definitely did not turn him down or say no. She was very receptive and willing. Flirted with him knowing he was married. The male coworker was married and had been for over 20 yrs with 2 kids. Jessy, who works as an HR rep at her job, ( how ironic) and the male coworker began “talking” in end of 2019, approximately October. She began by whining to him about her crappy marriage. She got a divorce which was finalized in approximately December 2019. She whined on his shoulder alot about her unhappy marriage and he complained about his “horrible nagging” wife. By February 2020, he gave her some tacky cheap jewelry on Valentines Day just as a ” friend” and began making out in his office same day. Happy Valentines Day ! ….but they were “just friends”. They used the work skype and work cell phones to keep in contact which he’d delete before he got home so his wife wouldn’t find the texts and calls or all the selfies jessy sent to him. He would lie to his wife and tell her he had go into work super early, then he’d drive across town to Jessy’s house at 4am where she would let him in her bedroom through a side glass door that opens up directly from her side yard. Very convenient. That way he would not have to wake up her 3 kids during early morning romps. These two h0-workers slept around together approximately from April 2020 until June 2020 (fathers day) when the wife found out. During the short affair he bought Jessy a brand new Lowes refrigerator with the wife’s lowes credit card, paid to fix her car ac, did yard work for her and bought other small gifts such as a key chain with her kids names on it, tool kit and makeup caddy. Guess we know why she was his ” friend”. She did repay the money for the fridge and car repair as well as return all the gifts due to the wife’s demands. Nowadays, this ho worker ,Jessy, has joined a new church on the far west side of Enid where she is helping preach on stage in front of the entire congregation and telling others in the [REDACTED] church how to live the Christian life. Funny considering how she slept with her married coworker and KNEW he was married. Not sure that is very Christian. She blames the male coworker fully for the affair taking no responsibility for her part or for her actions. She has never admitted her guilt or apologized to the wife and probably never will. The two ho workers were still talking in July and August 2020 but didn’t meet up for early morning ride & run romps. They just ” chatted” on their phones after work each day until August when they went no contact due to the male trying to get back with his betrayed wife. August 21, 2021..Jessy goes public on facebook that shes in a relationship with a new guy.. New guy is named Armando Aspiro from Tennesse. He is from out of state which is how she kept her other activities out of his ear shot. She moves quick.