Jim Tomcufcik Ego-Filled Trust Fund Kid. Jim Tomcufcik is the perfect example of a spoiled little rich kid with racist and hateful tendencies. He feels entitled to treat people however he wants and expects no consequences. He will sweet talk any girl and make her believe some fairy tale- mansion, marriage, and babies. He doesn’t mean any of it, though, and many of us have fallen for it. This guy is almost 30 years old and brags about his Mercedes and Penthouse in downtown Cleveland. But really, it’s all he has to offer. He will start a relationship with girl after girl then tell them he is too “busy” but go out drinking with his buddies instead- all while trying to lie about it. Then he will call in the morning and say he’s so sorry. This will happen every single week if you date this guy. He comes off as innocent and nice, but its just a game. He will obsess over instagram models then text the girl he is dating right after. Overall just a poor dating performance. His family is also rich and very snobby. His brother plays football for [REDACTED] and Jim will brag about his brother is going to the NFL. If you date him, be sure to be held to a fancy standard that is just ridiculous. Jim makes $60k a year and acts rich.. but its all his daddy’s millions. The only reason he has anything is because of daddy’s money. And in typical Rich White Boy fashion.. if you call him out with screenshots and proof, he will call the police and cry to them like a little baby.