Joce Sky ( Jocelyn Domenech) A Girl Who Did Dirty Sexual Acts, Not A Word Out Of Her Mouth Is True. Meet Jocelyn Domenech (Joce Sky) we can write a bible about this girl the things she does & behave. I was intimate with her for about a month. Jocelyn is pleasant when 1st met she puts on a act wearing glasses + sweet girl + innocent but far from it + acts totally shy but far far from shy + Very cute + smells awesome + she will make you melt with the BS things she will say ( I mean that’s how she got me). Jocelyn is the biggest pathological liar that I and many others tell me that they have ever known, Jocelyn can’t even reply to questions or explain anything because she can’t get her stories straight. She lies so much & very bad at it that you should document everything she says because nothing adds up, every word out of her mouth is a lie she can’t keep her stories straight or together, lies so much so bad makes her like a psycho or mentally ill, She lies so much that she won’t talk on the phone & she keeps her text messages at a sentence maximum because she gets mixed up on her lies & gets caught, She seems to be high 24/7 working or not sipping off her weed pen all day long even while driving, he has come over to see me driving under the influence which is dangerous & criminal & can cost lives as long as she is ok it’s all good we guess. just has no friends because of her behavior nobody likes her. Jocelyn will tell you she is straight out a relationship but because she has no friends only guys will want to hang with her she had a boyfriend the entire time doing weird stuff like she told me he knew everything, I became intimate with her the 2nd time we hung out, so shy that she asks me to go buy toys to use on her as we were sexual within a few days of meeting her, there were night she came over & had me go down on her for 3-4 hours, not knowing that this girl is so dirty that she was having sex then coming to me immediately after and having me go down on her, at the end of our sexual relationship she said to me (How did my boyfriends d1ck taste & How does it taste, A vile disgusting girl & feel so dirty, She also told me she was pregnant, Jocelyn is also extremely Verbally & Mentally abusive she feels better & gets off on bashing you over the phone, A few nights she called me screaming at me abusing me and 3 people recorded her telling me how she would f_ck then have me eat her out bashing me that I was tasting her boyfriend d1ck all this time when I found this out I stopped being intimate with this wretched foul girl. she was such a liar I wanted to document it all, nothing adds up. She is also a thief, She needs attention and would spend the night with him another guy that night after the morning she left me. Jocelyn also robbed all my prescription medications out of my house such as all my medical marijuana & everyday for 2 weeks after we needed she would lead me on saying we will meet so I give it back to you it was a misunderstanding that she robbed my house 😂. Jocelyn mislead me for weeks so I would text her all day when am I getting my things back so she has texts to use against you, She is a very dangerous immature girl that will flip everything on you, she will make you fall for her & really like her then toy with you. I promise this is the most mentally I’ll pathological liar I have ever met she is extremely deceiving, Not a good girl at all in fact she is the worse girl you will meet or that I have met & that all other guys prior to me told me the same, if she has any friends they haven’t known her long because all her ost friends tell me she is bad & no good can’t stand her. Jocelyn uses this term & says this all the time: (I need a hood ni88a) Jocelyn will put on a shy show when with her but if your on the ohone with her she shows off if anyone is around her a true coward. It’s disgusting having sex with someone then immediately being sexual with me and dirtied me multiple times going down on her for 3-4 hours at a time. I am so disgusted.