Joclyn Vanorden — This Girl Is Bad News. Gentleman please listen to what I’m about to say please understand that I’m only doing this because nobody deserves to be treated the way this girl treats men. This girl is full of lies she will date multiple men at the same time she’s good at leading you to believe that she loves you and that she wants to be with you only to see what she can get out of you. I learned a lot about her and I just want to pass my experience and the experience of many other men to you. Please for the sake of your own sanity and self-respect stay away from Jocelyn. She will tell you she does massages from home believe me it’s more than just a massage 9 out of 10 times. She will leave her kid with a babysitter a little 2-year-old boy would a nanny just so she can go out and drink she sends her kid to daycare every day just to get rid of him. She truly is a horrible person just take what I’m saying and to consideration before talking to her I wish you the best.