Jodee Kristen Bisio Jodi Lee Hudson. Meet Jodee Kristen Bisio aka Jodi lee Hudson or what ever name she wants to go by this week. I met this slag when she moved to my town back in 2014. Her main attributes to my town were stealing from the bar she worked at, getting caught doing drugs while pregnant with her second child and trying to cheat on her boyfriend. What a winner! Turns out she didn’t get better once she left town and moved back to Red Deer. She actually lost both of her children for being a meth head. You would think after loosing your first two children you wouldn’t have more but she’s not the smartest cookie around. Jodi went and got knocked up by her drug addict boyfriend Jeff Lovell but due to her continued meth use she got that kid taken away too! Turns out CPS has an ongoing relationship with her. But folks she wasn’t done there, they had yet another kid but she’s been able to keep this one but as far as we all know she barely has the poor child in her care and when she does he lives in absolute filth and cries all the time. I don’t doubt that this one will be taken away as well. Word on the street is her two oldest want nothing to do with her because she hasn’t made any attempts to get clean or actually see them. What a doozy of a little girl, aside from the meth and lost of custody of her kids, she is also well know to the police in Red Deer for being belligerent, uttering death threats, attempted assaults and house eviction. Jodi, hunny you need to stop and get that pathetic life together, I hear your going to be a lawyer! Great but you actually know you’re doing a legal assistant diploma right! Law offices aren’t like the Erin Brockovich movie, you’ll be nothing but a bona fide secretary and that’s if you can actually keep a job. No law office is going to want to hire somebody that has possession charges, a history of loosing her kids and drug use but good luck!