TheWrongDoer_Editor : Jodi Hermus Unfaithful. Jodi is a class act when it comes too cheaters, this dirty and I mean dirty will rule the ranks of Pepsi sloots! She was in a relationship with some guy she moved with and she has fcked everything and anything that would throw her a bone or drugs. I am one of the guys she was keeping on the side and on the down low. Once she was getting close too be caught by her boyfriend she ghosted out on me faster than bullet. I have tried too get in tough with Boyfriend too give him a heads up but I can’t find the guy so she obviously told me the wrong name. He was in Rosetown and that’s all I can figure out. If anyone knows where too get ahold of said guy he needs too know the truth!!! Jodi I hope you learn something from this bring a loose shank will only bite you right back in the end. Oh by the way give her drugs and she does anything and I mean anything!!!