Jonathan Bourgeois ATTENTION EVERYONE BE WEAR OF THIS SCUMBAG. This goof answers an add I had posted for a room for rent and he seemed ok enough so i rented he was only in my home for 3 days never gave me a cent brought hard drugs into my home then came home the third night tried to force him self on me then when I went to bed he robbed me blind he stole over $3000 worth of stuff out of my home I have cancer am in the fight of my life and this guy dose that then when I called his phone he answer and told me if I do not stop calling him he would make me disappear everyone I have talked to about this guy has said the same thing he has eaither ripped them off stolen from them tried to force him self on them so everyone plz ve careful if you see this goof Roofing companies do not hire this guy The last roofing company I called them the guy told me he worked for 3 days then stole all his tools and the guys truck. He claims to be affiliated with the Hells Angels but I highly doubt that. He also says that he’s a subcontractor and owns his own roofing company and his company is based out of Vancouver but I highly doubt that as well. He likes to play it off like he is a good guy when really he is a monster. So fare there is 10 people that has responded to my add on kijji with difftent stories on what this guy had done to them If you see this guy do what ever I guess just know he is a scumbag and a theef and a junkie