Jonathan Brownlee Biggest Liar And Cheater. Hey so this is Jonathan, he is a 30 year old man who also has a 4 year old son. This man is a loser and let me tell you why. This man uses people to his advantage to get things out of them and then moves on with his life. Every single girlfriend he’s been with he has cheated on them in some sort of way. I know his current girlfriend Jasmine who’s only 22 he cheats on her daily with other women. Heck he still has his dating profiles up. She’s dumb to stay with a cheater. But he also has had a few DRDs from these women he meets on bumble and tinder. He cheated on his baby mama and emotionally damaged her to the point she wishes she didn’t have to deal with him. He is sleazy I heard at his job at a car wash that he constantly hits on all the women there even though his new girlfriend works for the same place. He is whipped every time he’s in a relationship which is why he goes out and cheats on his girlfriend. He also goes around telling literally everyone how much he hates her kid and how much of a c u next Tuesday her kid is because she doesn’t know how to discipline him. He’s constantly using this women, cutting out his family and friends for this women because she’s a controlling pyscho and as well cheats on her without her knowledge. Dude even has “girl” friends who he lies to her about and he actually sleeps with them but calls them his bestfriends it’s sick really. I guess we will see if she catches anything from this goofy dude.