Josh Dundee Beware Of This Person. This guy is a selfish pig, any date you go on with him will be 100% about him, he’s thirsty prepare for a sexual assault but it not played out because really all he has is hands, and he can’t even do that right, and size… to anyone where size matters, you’d have better pleasure with an Asian man, he has absolutely nothing to offer. He’s even trash enough to bring his kids with him on dates, he does nothing but use women. He’s a grown boy almost 40 still playing video games and into anime. He will use charm and his single dad sob stories to get into the hearts of those that are unaware and as you’re there for him and supporting him and you’re thinking everything is good, he’s behind your back bad mouthing you to another female, and before you know it he’s ghosted you has you worried sick about him thinking something horrible could’ve happened and here you’ve been replaced with the female he bad mouthed you to and he’s so cowardly he can’t say any of it to you, or tell you it’s time to break up, but he has the other female do it for him??? and Just a little note ( his kids mother died) and he talked about how much he hated her natural hair texture, but told me how beautiful and how soft mine is, and I had to check him because it just didn’t feel right one because shes deceased and two the fact he would think it was ok to make comparisons between me and his late ex was hurtful and being mother of his kids was hurtful. People like what they like, but it says a lot about someone’s character if they can talk badly about the deceased mother of their kids. Then it doesn’t just stop there he’s made jokes about getting rid of his younger son and leaving him somewhere in the woods and how peaceful his life would be without him, and just the oldest one. I found the whole thing sick. Those kids were both my heart, but their father is a really twisted individual with some serious self esteem issues all self inflicted. He’s number 1 severely overweight, 2 balding in the middle and a straight up bum living off of his kids survivors benefits. He pawned the computer I bought so that his child could attend school because his bum a** didn’t want to buy a car so that he could get his kids to and from school to attend in person learning. Pawned the device for a brand new tv to sit in up in the house and watch it with his new woman. That woman unfortunately wasn’t so lucky, he lied to her about everything and didn’t think confrontational ever happen, but she put herself in it and he was too big of a coward the tea got spilled and I’m sure she must feel dumb and have regrets if she settled for that piece of trash and his micro mini laying in bed with him looking at man boobs feeling like a breast feeding baby, breast so big he puts nursing mothers to shame. ?