Josh Hague/Hoggan/Alexander/Adventure/Hill. Meet Josh… Someone you can’t trust at all. If you date him he will tell everyone you did serious drugs after your breakup. He dates multiple women at one time. He claims he wants to settle down and then chases many ladies at one time, using money and travel to lure them in. He lies on his taxes, yet he ran for mayor and said he wanted to give up his salary. Then he dropped out after pledging to give up his house. He makes you sign contracts. He Films you when you don’t know That you’re being filmed, and shares it with other people, including sex. He threatens women over the phone, leaving repeated voicemails and accusing them of being the problem when they try to escape him. He attacked a woman and sexually assaulted her. He runs hiking groups and art stuff and dinner nights to hunt for new women. He gives alcohol to minors and sometimes sleeps with them. One woman moved to the island to escape his harassment. He has changed his name at least 5 times in a decade and left the country several times to “find himself“….. it is all a way to disguise what he really is. He can’t be trusted, if you allow this man into your life you need to be careful. He doesn’t take the word no well. Watch out.