Josh Silverman I Should Come With A Warning Label. This is a master manipulator. He favorite means of narcissist abuse includes, but not limited to: 1: parent alienation, because F your relationship with your child! 2: strangulation, even if you are pregnant….. 3:smear campaigns… HIDE. YOUR. FRIENDS 4: hiding behind police, claiming he’s a victim ? 5: having a p3nis and ball combo that literally smells of old cheese… not. I repeat. DO NOT put your face down there. 6: gaslighting, your reality will no longer exist. 7: compulsive lying, why would you deserve the truth ??‍♀️ 8: verbal abuse, to help feel better about himself 9: physical abuse, to keep you in line! 10: isolation, you didn’t need those friends, right? 11: silent treatment, you cannot fight is there’s no communication, am I RIGHT?! 12: demands of sex…… what, you don’t want to have sex with someone who demands it, and will not take no for a answer?! I thought we all know by now, no really means yes to white entitlement….. Avoid this May ladies, he will target you, abuse you, try to break you like fine China and if your bullet proof glass like I am, then he’ll keep throwing chairs at you, in hopes that you’ll finally crack….