TheWrongDoer_Editor : Julia Bousfield Relationship Wrecker. Meet Julia Bousfield, one of the nasties self-centred and attention-seeking sl*ts in the Lower Mainland. Not sure how bad this b!tch’s daddy issues are, but she loves to chase after taken men, especially married and her friend’s men. Aside from being a dirty Sl*t, she is a backstabbing b!tch who pretends to be so innocent. Do not be fooled; she is very toxic. She is a compulsive liar who makes up and talks so much sh1t about everyone. Honestly, I would think twice before getting involved with this insecure and daddy issues sl*t. And get this, apparently, this sl*t is studying to become a social worker; I feel sorry for anyone she will work with. Mind-blowing that someone of this nature can even be allowed to practice in social services.