Juliet Patricia Domansky Stonewall Sloot Confused And Abused. Yea this ain’t even fun for me but someone gotta know what this seemingly beautiful girl is capable of, don’t let her innocent sad girl personality fool you. This b1tch will tear your heart outta your chest take a fat bit and stare you down while you’re still tryina put two and two together. She’s the type of attention seeking, goth girl wanna be trash you find at cowboys and to sweeten the deal she crazy about praying to her rocks. That’s right if running back to your ex who’s the reason she has them scares up her forearm wasn’t enough to prove your crazy, imagine actually believing a rock holds energy? B1tch was out here like thanos looking for the infinity stones “this ones for strength, this ones for bad vibes.” STFU. Ok. No one thinks it’s cute, your 21 goddamit. Anyway to make a long story short she decided to go mia one night and I stay up all night worried about this toxic kid. Her mom calls early a.m. asking where she is and I tell her I know exactly and I’m going to get her. I get to her exs shack and big surprise there’s my lovely loyal girlfriend sleeping there with her best friend and this Skrillex wannabe goon. He decides to rush me with a, get this now, a mf crossbow. Absolute riot, I grab an axe hold my ground wait for this lil h0e to get her sh1t together. Then she fuks off for three hours sad and mad she got caught, I’m chilling with her family waiting to get my sh1t and “talk”. Finally she decides to pull up and has the gull to have a mental breakdown and blame me for her physco slore behaviour?? Never in my life have I seen a chick switch up like that on someone who actually gave a hell lot more than two sh1ts about you and I’ll always believe we deserved a better ending than the sincity episode you chose Kitten.