Justice Rolfe Jealous Much. Justice has been sending me threats just because her ex cole doesnt want her anymore and moved on to someone better. Justice is jealous cause cole finally found a girl who wont hurt him or CHEAT ON HIM. Whats the matter justice? Your group of craćk heads isnt enough for you ? Well too bad cole is mine now and even with the threats from you saying you will send people to my house. Im not scared because I have cole to protect me. U cant hurt cole anymore and for some reason that makes you upset and you have to keep trying because your never happy you just like to make people think you are but really your one of the nastiest girls out there. You have a guy stop trying to get more guys like usual you homie hopping freak Chris wasnt enough so u had to go for his best friend kehler gross whats next? Or should I say who? Just leave me and cole alone we are happy and he is better off without you.