Kari Cobiness Aka Alayaa El Scammer Always Asking For A Handout. Kari Cobiness aka Alayaa El does nothing but scam people for money. She posts videos of her smoking and drinking yet claims to be broke and is always asking for money. Calls out her band, the Canadian embassy, always poor me poor me meanwhile nobody forced her to go to Morocco. She is doing nothing but partying while her in-laws watch her kids but then cries on Facebook begging for money over and over again. She is always stuffing her face on her lives, smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol but in the same breath is saying she is sleeping on the streets and selling her things. She posted a really ugly Facebook like of her acting like a drunk pig and trying to pick fights with the police but then crying victim and saying they are going to murder her…meanwhile she is outside alone and the police are inside and rather than walk away she is trying to call them out she pick a fight. Time for Kari to grow up and stop partying and start taking care of her kids!