Katie Palframan Nasty Drug Addict Fake Friend. This girl is trash to the fullest extent . She is a thief, a drug addict, and a mentally ill freak show. Her entire life is a facade .. her presence on social media is the most laughable pathetic display of fake insecurity I’ve ever seen . This girl got fired from my work last year for stealing money and greeting my managers nephew with bloodshot eyes and pepsi dripping out of her nostrils . This nasty b1tch was my friend at work, and we still stayed in contact after she got fired . So what does she do ? Her latest baby daddy left her in the summer because he was sick of her sh1t, so she meets a guy on tinder and brings him to her house to fuk . When her sitter dropped her kids back off in the morning she brought them into her bedroom to introduce them to this random tinder hookup . He lied to her and said he was going away for work, and that’s why she wouldn’t hear from him . In that time she ends up convincing her latest baby dad to come back because that’s the only way he’s allowed to have a relationship with his newborn son .Months later , I start dating the same guy she hooked up with from tinder . He tells me this entire fuked up story about Katie and I’m obviously cringing . She’s aware I’m in a relationship with her tinder guy because she “liked” our relationship status on fb and everything . Well I guess after her baby daddy left her disgusting ass again , she was feeling lonely and pathetic .. she needed some male validation. It’s 4am and my bf gets a message request on fb . It’s Katie telling him to come over because she’s drunk and horny and her kids are sleeping . She asked him if he could find her some pepsi to . Along with the message she sent 2 of the most disturbing nude pictures either of us have ever seen . One of the pictures was taken from an upper angle and showed her grabbing her big flappy gross stretch marked bologna nipple tits and the other pic was from her belly button to her thighs . She has brown moles and skin tags all over her nasty body .. Her stomach looks like a shredded tire and I’m not even gonna get into the roast beef flaps she has going on further down . We didn’t see the message until the morning , and I of course messaged her to confront her because she’s supposed to be my “friend” . She read the message and immediately deleted her entire fb . This isn’t even surprising though which is the sad part . She has no self-respect , and her entire life is about desperately chasing men that don’t want anything to do with hher . Every dude she’s ever been with is either a full blown unemployed drug addict or a drug dealer. That’s her type, and clearly she doesn’t come by these relationships by being the “amazing mom & hardworking student” that she tries to portray . Children’s Aid is at her house every couple weeks but she’s clearly manipulated them into not given her a drug test . She meets these addicts and dealers online or at the bar, and moves them into her home where her kids live within a week . I feel so bad for them , I can’t even count on two hands how many “dads” her oldest kid [grade 2] has had . She’s always on the internet begging for money and trying to gget people to feel sorry for her and her wreckless life decisions . She’s mentally unhinged and drives every man out of her life with her lies and manic behaviour , and then when she can’t convince them to come back , she turns around and tells everyone that she’s a victim and manipulates their friends into turning against them . Never lets them see their children because it makes her feel powerful and punishing these men for not wanting her gives her a god complex . This chick is in school for mental health and addictions which is honestly one of the most concerning things I’ve ever heard . There’s no reason that this girl should be trusted around vulnerable people when every problem in her life is due to her unmedicated mental health disorders and her decades-long drug addiction . Before lockdown, 1 of her exes even came in the bar I worked at and was full on crying about how much she ruined his life and told the entire bar that Katie gave him drds and DRDs . This girl is nasty. She’s the fakest lying nasty vindictive person I’ve ever known . She’s just beyond manipulative and everyone needs to know . I’m glad somebody else exposed her before I got to write this , or else I wouldnt of had anywhere to let this all out. Thank god everyone in North bay has seen it .. 4 people sent the last post about her to me , but I decided to write this one because the last post missed so much about her character . Anyone who trusts this girl , you are in for a ride .