Kaytlyn Andres Judgemental Dope Head/Deadbeat Mom. This girl is constantly putting others on blast even though she is no better then anyone. How she hasn’t been called out before is beyond me. Don’t think she’s ever had a job, don’t think she’s ever actually put down the pint pipe either. She started an only fans to pay for that fentanyl addiction so you know she’s a real prize don’t know who would buy it though she looks like a strung out meth head who ain’t eaten in months. She seems to lose her kid more often then she has her, she will go months posting everyday about how she’s clean. But she doesn’t ever look clean and sure enough after a few weeks go by she will make a post trying to get pity because she’s back on the foil! She will call out others for calling her or her junky dead beat dad that she calls a brother out and go off about how wrong it is, but then gets on here and calls people junkies who haven’t done half the dirty sh1t she does on a regular basis. Grow up Kaytlyn maybe put the phone down when you pick the pipe back up next time or you know take your dirty junky a55 too rehab and give your head a shake you ain’t better then anyone.