Kelsey Godwin — Smellsey Kelsey Godwin. B1tches that live in glass (rental) houses should not just start throwing stones. In some world of delusion that you live in think that your basic self is on some level to pop the off on other people… victim? You’re a victim? Nah you saw a paycheque. Be accountable. You wanna jump online months after he left to be a little cvnt? Maybe he was tired of fuking you with a T-shirt on .. maybe he hated you just as much. Maybe you being a cheating slore triggered sh1t. Regardless you want to go publicly shame him. 2 kids. 2 dads – setting up samples by getting a wasted and urinating on herself. Go ahead and attack us b1tch. You ain’t sh1t. Broke. Cleaning houses. Thriving career at the bottle depot… ya b1tch he upgraded to a woman that he can fuk without a T-shirt on and he will never have to worry about waking up on a warm urine puddle. You cheated. You accepted a ring. You are not a victim. Post your little pity party. Let’s air it all shall we?