Kevin Kirklen Liar, Cheater, Fake. This man pretends to be single. When in fact he has a live in girlfriend. He will be smooth. All he wants is a side piece without her finding out. He is never going to leave her. He tells you things like, “give me a chance, I am not like the rest.” ” I will not hurt you.” It is all lies. His girlfriend found out and he asked me to lie for him. I said I would and even sent her a text making it look like I did. Really I made up a number from TextNow and text him pretending to be my boyfriend. He acted like he did not know who I was talking about. I made a fake Facebook and sent her messages screenshots and told her how he was trying to hook up with me. I even had a friend call her and pretend to be my boyfriend. I had a female call and tell her everything with threats of going to HR. He is a Lt. at the prison I work in. After, I found out about her I did some research. I found out he pull this bull all the time with many women. His girlfriend finds out. He lies about it. Not this time. I am putting him on blast. He promised to be good to me. Promised we could move in his new house when the time was right. He said everything a slick person would. He never leaves her. I found out the house is in both names! It isn’t just his house. I did a background check and he is broke! He was just trying to get into my pants. I even sent nudes after she blocked me. I did this so I could send screenshots. I even sent myself a message from the TextFree app. I even showed it to others. Which blew up on her not him! He is worthless. She is stupid for staying. Kevin Kirklen is on the left side of this photo.