Kevin Wouters — Never Ever Hire This A55hole. After being diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer in 2017 , my wife of 30 years decided to leave and let me go threw the challenges of cancer and chemotherapy on my own , that was ok , however she wouldn’t leave , she couldn’t afford the mortgage , and refused to sell . Finally after almost a year of living separate lives under the same roof , she finally decides to sell , I was excited , finally , I was done chemotherapy , and ready to move on . So we hired Kevin wouters , he owns [REDACTED] in Prince Albert , so ya think he might just be a good choice ……. not a fking chance !! Kevin was very aware of my cancer , and all I had been threw , so what does he do ? , he gets together with my ex , behind my back , this goes on for 6 months , and while he’s banging her , he comes to my house , sits with us both to do amendment on the house price pretending like they don’t know each other , it was about a month after that , I found out what was going on , further more I found out he was turning away potential buyers by not even showing the house on [REDACTED] Kevin wouters was immediately fired , and all the evidence was sent to the real estate commission and was investigated for 8 months . Thats the kind of person Kevin wouters is , a true piece of sh1t . Absolutely cares about nothing but money and himself . Never ever hire him or anyone at [REDACTED] if you care about selling your property . He will try to get with your ex wife or your wife , it really doesn’t matter to him . So arrogant , he really believes he’s a real gift to women , complete piece of sh1t!