Kevin Woycenko Is Using Anyone Who Will Get Close To Him To Get By. Watch Out. Kevin Woycenko is a 54 years old and cannot even get a credit card, has 0 pension and don’t even ask me when the last time he did his taxes was, I’m sure CRA will find out. Why is this man in this position? Because instead of getting a job like a normal person and being financially responsible he has manipulated the women in his life including his own family and his wife’s family to get by. He takes 0 accountability for his actions and he’s always got an excuse you’ll notice. It’s never ever poor Kevin’s fault :'( He knows how to manipulate and lie very well considering he’s literally done it his entire life. He is not divorced and he has not had a real job for years so don’t let him fool you on his profile ladies. His girlfriend’s just been giving him money to live and he comes up with dumb stuff like having to paint the grass green in November to get more money from her for “working” around the house. This man has nothing on his name (no house no car no credit) he needs to declare bankruptcy because he owes alot of money. Hmm won’t declare bankruptcy, won’t get divorced, wont get a job.. something seems fishy. If you search him on Facebook you’ll see random people looking for him as he did not pay them for their service. He’s financially fuked over his brothers to the point they want nothing to do with him, there’s a reason his entire family doesn’t talk to him. He is the biggest scum bag and just a sh1t stain to society. Hes been cheating on his girlfriend who is literally paying for him to live, paying for him to take care of his kids and bought a brand new truck for him to drive his kids around in, and he brings this random woman to his girlfriend’s house, in her bed and in her truck. He is refusing to leave his girlfriend’s house now even after all of this and an eviction notice. He’s been trying to sell all her stuff on Kijiji to fund himself till he can find another teet to suck on. Don’t let it be yours.