Keyrah Young Fishy H03. I would like to introduce everyone to our favourite racist ”hot girl weeb”, Keyrah Young. Where shall I start this off, hmm? I think i’m gonna start off with her first school, Keyrah found enjoyment and pleasure by creating fake instagram accounts just so she can tell indigenous people to go drown in a river. After people soon came to realize it was her, everyone disliked her to the point where she had to move schools. You think that would’ve made her stop there, maybe time to stop being so hateful, well guess what? your wrong! Once she started a new school she began calling indigenous people dirty “bogans”. She thinks she is better than everyone but we can all see that facetune, in this picture she accidentally smoothed her hair into her face 🙁 how embarrassing. unrelated, i think we all know what those guys are paying you for, wonder how you photoshop those?;). Think i’m done yet? nope, not only does she hate on her own race, but she also hurts small defenceless animals! even then her life isn’t exciting enough so she pokes herself into others business and stirs up drama just so she can feel accomplished for anything other than being disgusting scum. If i were her friend I would be careful what you say, nothing is private with her.