Kimisha Ramsey — Watch Out For This One. This girl thinks she’s the ultimate authority, she’s right about everything, she takes advantage of people and thinks that’s a career choice to be proud of. A serial assaulter who has violated nearly everybody she ever has claimed to cafe about. She is 100% sociopathic which is the scariest part, she didn’t even th in it he way she treats people is justified no matter what. She has sexually assaulted people and she blames it on the victim every time. Every negative trait a human can have (no respect for other peoples bodies and minds) and has no problem violating people in the grossest ways for her own entertainment. She pretends to have any of interest in the things that don’t benefit her. A manipulator, abuser and all around disgusting human. Basically a victim blaming serial predator with no genuine concern for a single human soul other than her own disgusting self.