Kira Hicks Gets Upset Over Friendship Break Ups Then Tries To Break You And The Boyfriend Up! I was friends with Kira for quite awhile. We hung out a lot but then she started dating this one guy and not only did her whole personality change, but she got extremely mad at me when I told her we were going in different directions with our life and we should not be friends. Which she replied with “ok”. Then proceeds to scream at me over Facebook messenger asking why I blocked her on Instagram. I did not respond and she went ahead and got in contact with my former friend, who I do not like at all anymore, and flat out just started talking sh1t. Kira and that other girl decided to get together and tell my boyfriend that I cheated on him! Kira was definitely the ring leader in all of this. She claims she doesn’t want to get in the middle but was all for giving out fake information with no actual proof. She then continued to message my boyfriend telling him that I’m very manipulative. She needs to get her a55 shut down!