Kristian Loutch Obsessed With Fat Shaming During [REDACTED]. He’s the owner of “[REDACTED]” and is super anti-vaccine believing that good-eating and fitness alone is a good methodology to keep [REDACTED] away. He continues to shame fat people and those who get the vaccine despite arguing his position of being “pro-choice” by posting daily instagram stories. Pro-choice also meaning that people should be allowed to eat whatever they want, get the vaccine, and also take ownership of their bodies and health without prejudice and him coming up with reasons or stories as to why they do so. He has no respect for the people under his training using fear tactics to shame them into thinking that the vaccine is a means of reverting back to “pre-[REDACTED]” life involving bad eating habits. This man I’m no position to talk about health care. He’s simply a fitness trainer not a scientist or a doctor.