Lacey Jay Daigle — Watch Out Penticton. This woman puts on a very good act and will have you believe she really loves you. She plays a very good actress but she can only keep her head straight for so long. Really she is only trying to get back at her husband who she is still not divorced with but claims to be legally separated. When she isn’t at home crying over her husband high on sedating pills and half drunk she loves having you take her everywhere and do stuff with her but when you can’t afford to do much for a bit or she isn’t entertained enough she will break up with you through text out of the blue. She has it all planned in her head and has ruined several relationships around town already and will hide or block your phone if you try to have any sort of talk about the wrong she has done. She has absolutely no morals and does not give a damn about breaking people’s hearts. She changes her mind every other day and will never take accountability for it. She will also talk to your friends behind your back and lie to you about it as well. This woman doesn’t love herself and definitely should not even be allowed to use that word .