Lance McCormack Such A Let Down You Would Have Thought I Ordered Him Off Wish. Hey, want to hear a fun story where the damsel in distress is really a tattooed “bad a55” who threatens people and acts tough while he sits in his bubble bath letting the bath bomb massage his balls. Well here it is this princess bounces from woman to woman spending their money trying to control their every actions. so when the woman is sick of his crap he makes sure the next one is lined up and ready to go… she has to have her own place, steady inflow of cash, and be female. Pretty simple requirements and even if you are willing to accept this sh1t treatment sit down and shut up as soon as he drains your bank account he well start a fight about how sitting there and shutting up some how insults him because he my friends can do nothing wrong. Hey your husband left an hour ago beds not cold? No problem for him he will jump right in and pretend he is your husband and act like he has a say in everything you do haha. And when you kick His sorry a55 to the curb he will steal your credit card number and drain you account from his next girlfriends house. Now let’s get to other the other terrible attributes ….let’s start with he sh1ts every ten minutes my toilet litterally wiggles and is loose from him living there …he is what 28 and acts 70 his back hurts his body hurt his head hurts he can’t work he has to eat every ten mins. He is worse then a toddler. the sex is sad his d1ck is so small and the only time I enjoyed my self is when I used d1ldos. He is a alcoholic adult child with mommy issues watch your purses ladies Lance James McCormack is single again.