Lashay Scriven DRDs Floozy. So I have been married for a little over 7 years to Mr. Moreno. I wont say his name because he is not even worth the breath. About a year or so ago I stopped being intimate with him because he was always leaving without a trace and could never account for his whereabouts. So as a woman and wife I started investigating our computer and low and behold I found out that he is bisexual and going on swinger escapades. Then eventually I find a website in which he was still logged in. I read message afyer message but one in particular made my heart sank. This little skank not only sent him pictures but also told him that she was DRDs infected and she is 100% sure he has it to now. Needless to say I am happy that we were no longer intimate and that this little Homewrecker is going around and infecting married men with DRDs. Hopefully they catch her throw her in jail and lock away the key.