Lauren Davidson Fat Girl Smell. How crummy does it feel to move from Scotland to Alberta and think you’re the hot girl only to now be isolated in BC with a guy who bad talks your body to all of us. We’re told all she does is complain and nag. To the point where he’s with my BFF instead of going home after a late shift. His family hates Lauren. At work Connor tells us Lauren has gotten fat and because of that he has a hard time having s3x with her. I feel so bad for her but she’s so rude no one wants to give her the heads up. She’s got that FAT GIRL SMELL and she’s always got a u t i. He says going down on her is disgusting. She wants Connor to buy her gifts and pay her bills but she won’t fix her health and smell. He says he stays with her because she guilts him for bringing her here. He just wants her to go back to Scotland Take out your ratty extentions, go to the gym, and fix your diet and smell. It still won’t get you a ring but maybe you’ll look better at least 😂