Lefranco Pescante EX [REDACTED] Owner Franco’s Life Ends In Hellfire And Tampa Is Not Forgetting. This EX owner of [REDACTED] let his head get way too big for him to handle. When racist comments came out during the riots a few months ago [REDACTED] became the main riot spot in all of Tampa with the infamous “FUK FRANCO” chant. He is being sued for accusations on rape, embezzlement, fraud. This corrupt business owner has been on the run for 7 months hiding from cops so he can’t get served. He recently reactivated his instagrams but oh Tampa is not forgetting you Franco. He would rape girls by feeding them 2C and getting them so drugged up they didn’t know what was going on and him and his girlfriend Taylor would take advantage. He would fuk employees that were too fuked up and video tape from a camera above his bed then show people and laugh, then when an employee caught a lifelong  DRDs paid them under the table and made them sign a NDA so it wouldn’t be public knowledge. His ex business partner Jason Bell pulled out of [REDACTED] in good timing and was paid off 1mill for his shares because he knew about the corrupt embezzlement. The new [REDACTED] and they all open here shortly. Coincidentally his instagrams reactivate the week the new establishments open? I think not. Watch put for this corrupt owner who belongs in jail.