Leslie Woods — The Town Bicycle. Leslie Woods (aka Alex Woods) will fuk anyone for drugs or liquor. She’s the town bicycle, all she does is use people for materiel objects, money and sex. She steals from her own family and wrecks people’s relationships. She spreads lies about people when she doesn’t get her way, or when her ex boyfriend breaks up with her because she’s cheating then blames it on somebody else. She likes to try to get with her own cousins baby daddy while they were together and during the times they weren’t. She’s two faced and likes to tell everyone everything you were to tell her even though she promises to keep it a secret. Her house is always a mess and when she had a dog it was never walked and always pooping in the attic. She’ll make you do something you don’t want to do just so she won’t get into trouble. She’s an all around narcissistic cvnt who mentally and physically abuses people. She’ll pretend to be nice, then as soon as she doesn’t get her way she’ll act out. She breaks up happy relationships just because she and I quote “wants to”. Leslie Woods (aka Alex Woods) is the typical “woah is me” petty a55 b1tch, everyone gets a ride. So forewarning to any guys who are or want to fuk around with her, this is what to expect of Leslie Woods (aka Alex Woods).