Lionel Mark Anthony Luna — A Covert Narcissist, Watch Out! Lionel Luna love bombed me, he acted like I was the love of his life, took me out to fancy dinners, complimented me constantly, called and texted perfectly, he mirrored me. As soon as he moved in after 16 months of seeing eachother almost daily, he couldn’t pay his half of the rent. He acted like he was rich and successful yet he wasn’t. He once had a high paying job. After I spent the next 15 months loaning him every penny I had with the promise of a windfall coming from his business, the monster came out. His business failed, he got a job and works to death. 5am til 9pm. He ate so unhealthy and gained weight and stopped exercising. He never helped around the house or paid for household groceries. He acted mean, miserable, depressed, stressed etc. He snuggled me and has sex with me every night or morning the whole 3.5 years. Then after, he was mean if I said a word. Narcissists are miserable, they cannot love, he never showed any empathy when my job went bad. My teenage daughter disliked him the entire time that he lived with us but she didn’t tell me until after I ended it. He’s a user. He will fake nice and he cannot really feel, so 3-4 years later, his next victim will be suffering his Narcissistic abuse, triangulation, gaslighting, projection, lies, constant misery and complaining. You’ll be blamed and confused and eventually sick of it. Love is blinding. I learned to look for the signs so that it won’t happen again. We had no problems until he created one out of thin air. I became sad, mad, and confused. Once I got away it all became clear. Run from this man!!! He will go psycho on you too. He drove 100 on a street our first breakup after punching the steering wheel and roof of my car. He was neglected as a child. Covert Narcissists cannot ever change. We have to avoid them.