Lisa Marie (Blickenstaff) Walsh Shameless Homewrecker. Lisa Marie (Blickenstaff) Walsh is the true definition of a homewrecker. Not only did she try to ruin another family, she tried to ruin her own family! What a shameless person! She carries herself as a proper well put 40 yr old lady, with morals and cares for others and relying on God for her direction but she is far from it. First of all, God does not lead anyone or approve infidelity. She is a master manipulator and maybe even narcissistic too! Beware of her and her fake gentle kindness. Lisa is sneaky at getting what she wants by using her charms (manipulating you) and by the time you know it, she will make her way into your life and make you think you have a perfect friend and you have the perfect relationship because you two agree to everything and are interested in the same things. She shamelessly denied her role in the affair with a married man when his wife confronted her. She casually said that she and the married man did nothing wrong and the only thing that was out of line, was that “two really good friends just got too close to one another and then started to have feelings for one another”. The only reason the married man became friends with her was because of her! She shamelessly asked the married man to follow her on Instagram and proceed to show interest in him as a “friend” but who are we kidding, she knew what she wanted and she wanted him and his attention as her husband was not enough for her. She initiated the texting, to commenting on Instagram, to telling him he is a stud and cool person, to checking up on him and how he is doing in the beginning of their “friendship”. The married man now realized the trick she had played and he is disgusted by her and for letting her get close to him. What kind of friend suggests you hide your friendship from your wife? Especially when she was questioning their friendship? Only a shameless homewrecker will! Someone who wants to step out of their current relationship will! The only reason she finally confessed to her wrong doings was when the wife reached out to Lisa’s husband Sam (not his real name, because the wife caught them cheating and confessing to one another, again). The wife told him about what she discovered between her husband and Lisa and told him about Lisa’s denial to the affair. To be fair for the wife, Lisa told the wife during the exposure of the affair and prior to the 2nd time catching them chatting, that she will not communicate with him anymore, but to find out she has and to be so confident in saying that they are doing nothing wrong and they can be friends if they want to and even her husband knows about their friendship. That’s the reason why the wife contacted Lisa’s husband. During this convo to Sam (not his real name), per his “holy” wife, she told him that she did not do anything but be a friend and most of the feelings were on the married man side and showed him the married man’s confession letter and said that it was him that wanted more, so Sam believed his “holy” wife. What a shameless,immoral person, she used her charms aka manipulation towards her husband and got her way out of the affair. However, the wife was smart and sent over screen shots of the chats between them and email exchanges between them to Steve. He quickly knew the whole truth and banned her from the friendship and called out the married man, and told them both to never contact each other again. How can you lie to someone who trusted you? So to this immoral 40 yr old, fake miss goody two shoe lady, you should not be trusted. She’s full of herself and does not care if she hurts anyone. She may say she cares about you and wants the best for you, but it is far from what she really is saying. Thank goodness the wife found out about this affair early on and put an end to it. Beware of this sneaky, immoral, shameless person named Lisa Marie Walsh, she will ruin your life if you give her any chance!