Liz Crawford And Her Feral Cats. Meet Liz Crawford. Claim to fame is stealing all her ex’s money for her failing Swish models. Now she’s stealing her brother’s hard earned money with Studio315. Liz the self proclaimed “Boss Lady” is nothing but a wannabe bitch. If it isn’t her way she’ll make your life hell. She’s just jealous bc the hefty gal couldn’t make it in the skinny girl game. Liz has a few feral felines that work for her…. all glits and glam on the outside but are nasty rabid cats. They’d scratch and claw each others eyes out just to get to Liz’s teet! Grace is her little lap cat or should i say more of a pug. She’s a push over, she’ll do anything the “Boss Lady” says. Deep down it hurts so much she grabs a tub of Ben and Jerry’s while sobbing to reruns of Friends. She just got a kitty maybe bc she wants to be one of the cats or possibly is just hungry. Meaghan…..  all smiles and sunshine but in reality is so irrelevant ever since she one that contest. Shes your typical nice to your face mean behind your back. She poses and does everything a grown “scene” child should. BLM, LGBTQ are her causes but deep down laughs and writes them off. She wants attention so bad that her bf cheats on her weekly just so she has something to talk about! Bad attention is good attention? Rayna…. where to start?  Not pictured but she loves being posted on the dirty. Shes really good at the dumb bff card where she’ll find away to take your money. While poor Kyle is studying to be an architect, Rayna finds guys to get some blow  for a bj or an uneventful lay! If you need her services check Bar I…. her scent is all over the stalls!  The funny thing is all these women are so fake and katty. They say they’re bbs but would take the next out in a second. They lie to pretty much all their models and if you get in, Liz will try and groom you into the next horrible thing. That’s if she doesn’t break you! Wpg stay away from these women!