Lizzie Morrison B1tches Who Think They’re Hot Sh1t. So where to start with Lizzie Morrison? So much gossip! She will sleep with your man. Married man at that! What a shame. She knows he’s married or has a girl friend yet will still sleep with him because he’s got the “looks” or a nice big c0ck for her. She’ll judge the fuk out of you. If you don’t meet up to her standards then she’s on to the next. You have to be “fit” with a nice big d1ck and lots of tattoos. Oh not to mention she will belittle you and make you feel less or like you’re crazy. She’s definitely a crazy ex. She will stalk you. So be careful guys watch out for Lizzie. In terms of being your friend she’s quite the shady one. She’ll act like she cares about you but really it’s for her convenience. She’ll talk shit about anything and anyone in your life if she doesn’t like their attitude yet she doesn’t even know the people around you to be acting like a b1tch and treat you like sh1t. If she don’t like anyone you surround yourself with be prepared for the beast to come out and talk sh1t about them. You can be a good person but Lizzie will pick every flaw and turn it around and make it seem like you’re crazy and you did wrong. Yet she has the audacity to complain and be a hypocrite, turnaround say and do the exact thing she complained about you doing. Don’t be friend this girl. She will give you many problems and then act like you’re in the wrong make you feel like you’re doing something not up to her standards and then do the exact same thing. Except the person she’s belittling and treating like sh1t did nothing wrong. In her eyes you aren’t acting like a friend. But she’ll be a disrespectful cvnt and talk sh1t about your family right in front of you. Real winner right? She sleeps with your man’s , judges you, belittles you and makes you feel like you’re crazy but she’s the crazy individual who has nothing but negativity inside her, miserable cunt who projects nothing but her demons on everyone else but wants to say the other person is delusional. Someone needs a reality check. Poor girl will never know what love is or to be in a real relationship cause all she cares about is “good d1ck” a good time and if you’re “fit” with good game. Watch out guys you don’t want this one a part of your life. She’ll make you feel like everything in your life is sh1t compared to hers and act like she’s better than everyone cause she has her “sh1t together”. Doesn’t make up for how much of a sh1tty person you are. Wondering why everyone talks sh1t it doesn’t like you. If I had a list of names I’d write a book about it. Don’t waste your time with this girl. Most boring bland personality ever all she has is a great body nothing more to her than a one night stand.