TheWrongDoer_Editor : Maggie Rae Maty Needs A Lesson On Birth Control . This terrible excuse of a “mother” is a hot mess and a wholeeee lot of psycho. 3 baby daddies later and she still doesnt keep her legs closed or know what birth control pills are. Still obsessed with one of her baby daddies and uses their little girl to dictate his life and stalk his new woman… Talk about issuesssss… Give it up Maggie Rae, who has time to call someone from blocked over 200 times in 2 months? LoL someone who doesn’t take care of her kids sitting in a basement hitting the pipe 24/7. This doesn’t come from someone spiteful, unlike the rest of these posts on here. This is fair warning that everyone knows how pathetic and what a disgusting “woman” & “mother” you truly are. Hopefully Paige grows up one day and realizes what a disaster you are and maybe she will also realize the truth — that you used her growing up for your own personal sick and twisted gain. Men, watch out for this thing — she won’t be hard to spot standing 7 feet tall, her first mission is to get knocked up and claim more welfare money because shes too unhinged and lazy to work… Then she will make your life living hell. Get over the hard facts that he will never want to be with you freakshow — you are literally scum and we alllll laugh at you lol also p.s. go do something about those DRDs :))