Mandy Konoplenko Copy Kat FLOOZY. This girl right here have some psychological problems… Posting girls when she doesn’t get her way? You can’t change a h0e and you can’t turn a h0e into a housewife probably why she’s alone Or should I say going out with anyone that gives her a “HEEEYYYY” on tinder are plenty of fish LMFAO. YES WE KNOW .. She LOVES the pepsi and hides it ?Shouldn’t throw stones at glass houses sweetheart , She secretly forgets to tell people how she really is and hides for a reason i would 2 if I was this pathetic ! I figured I would post some real picture and some real information on this , You talk sh1t about girls that used filters well here’s some real pictures of you . By the way what’s up with trying to look exactly like your best friend Amy” Amother girl who works But at least she admits it” You think we don’t know what you’re doing we do we follow your every move your every post when you’re working with her you lie and tell everyone that you’re not and you constantly put her down behind her back ? I mean I don’t like either of you but she’s definitely way prettier so I could see why you’d want to be like her you’re some kind of fucking crazy obsession with your best friend is Funny and it shows! Well my fellow ladies and gentlemen here is her actual work pictures From an ad off of her friends leolist couple weeks ago they were doing duos???Give it a break with your dollar store looking hair extensions Mandy you look CHEAP Fuk around and get tossed around b1tch I wouldn’t doubt if you’re the one that posted your best friend the other day because From what you told me she’s the only one who works but guess the cats out of the bag now. I name meeting guys on tinder and purposely getting pregnant to try and keep them is only going to work for so long lmfao IF YOU DONT BELIEVE ME CHECK OUT HER BESTIES WORK AD I’m sure you can’t deny this one or pretend that she posted you without your approval when you guys are friends again.