Manipulative Inconsiderate Sunnye Stobaugh Colley. SLOOT FROM THE START: Since junior high school Sunnye Stobaugh Colley has been known as easy to sleep with. She was known for cheating on guys, and she has always been “that girl” desperately seeking attention. Whether it was prancing around in thong bathing suites on a stage, stripping in Birmingham, being an floozy to business owners in Montgomery, jello wrestling in a plastic pool in a dump bar, working at Hooters to show off her fake boobs that her married boyfriend bought her, or just going back and forth between dating married men and claiming to be a lesbian, this chick has thirsty gold digger running through her veins. SLOOT LIFE FOREVER: Now She’s in her 30’s, has two kids by two different men, and her money comes from her OnlyFans website and being an floozy. She has drds but never tells the people she sleeps with. She sleeps with men to get them to pay for her plastic surgery and pay off debt. In the last 8 years, she’s been involved in at least three affairs that caused divorces and two of them had kids involved. DODGING THE LAW: In one of the affairs, the husband landed the family in bankruptcy by paying for insane things for Sunnye. When the wife ended up with DRDs, she realized what was going on and found pictures on her husbands tablet. The wife publicly posted a blurred picture of Sunnye topless with her toddler in the room, Sunnye pressed harassment charges on the wife. The picture was on the husband’s tablet, and he refused to testify or turn over the picture because it would make him look worse in the child custody battle. So the wife ended up having to spend a day in jail and pay fines for what the wh*re Sunnye did. Sunnye also got a DUI but continues to video herself driving with a suspended license, drinking alcohol, and claiming to have an unlisted job (all are requirements for her DUI sentence). WANNABE BLOW-UP DOLL: Sunnye uses TikTok to drive traffic to her OnlyFans website and respond privately to offer floozing to the jerk-off losers who comment pathetic posts on her videos. Sunnye’s TikTok is an embarrassing flood of pointless videos of herself in sports bras and leggings, in the gym working out with buttloads of makeup on or lip singing to songs with a caption that doesn’t even mesh. She pays to increase her video views since she’s trying to get paid from TikTok videos. A classmate of her oldest daughter (10 yrs old) follows Sunnye on TikTok and ended up on Sunnyes OnlyFans account. The mother was infuriated and reached out to Sunnye to let her know, and Sunnye told the mom that she was just jealous and needed to get a hobby. CONSTANT LIES: If someone comments on her over inflated lips, she says they’re natural. She uses filters to airbrush abs, gets muscle stimulating treatments and then posts about how she’s been lifting. She’ll post stuff about wanting a good man to praise God with her (not sure how she is praising God?) or saying she has body dysmorphia (also clearly a joke! someone posting videos of their butt in thongs or sports bras and leggings has no lack of self confidence) THE KIDS SUFFER: In most of her videos her youngest (toddler) child can be seen roaming around the pool on the opposite end from her or in the backseat just chilling while her narcissistic mom videos herself to get more people to pay her for her sloot videos and sexting on OnlyFans. Word has spread about the 10 year old who landed on her OnlyFans page, and now parents don’t want their kids going to play at her house. IN SHORT: the girl is still desperately trying to stay relevant and using the internet to feed her bank account and need for strangers to tell her how beautiful her filtered fake face and body are. But now she has kids who are suffering from their immature mom’s disgusting acts and lack of concern for anyone but herself. Sunnye needs to be held accountable for the laws she continues to break, the homes she continues to wreck, the freeloading she continues to suck, the kids she continues to hurt, and the reality she continues to ignore.