Maricela Morales Zepeda Lying Scum. Just want to warn everyone in the Toronto area to beware of this bipolar psychotic obsessive liar. I met this girl at a place we worked at in 2014. She had a boyfriend but always flirted with me. Once I expressed interest back she went to Work somewhere else and we stopped talking. A few months later I was managing another restaurant when she reaches out to me Asking me how I’m doing then makes a point to come work with me at the new place knowing I liked her. She started pursuing me asking me for dinner and coffee but still telling me she had a boyfriend she was living with. One night we go for dinner and she comes back to my place. We had sex ALL night. A few times in fact. She left the next morning but then started acting weird. After just feeling like she used me I made a comment about it not being that good anyway and this girl went off. TWO YEARS after the fact she tries to file a police report saying it was r*pe (buyers remorse I guess) and spends two more years obsessing over me, checking on me and having her new boyfriend check up on me regularly. She files 2 more police reports claiming that I am the one who was stalking her. This chick is A1 certified crazy. She calls the cops on the guy checking up on me one night trying to get him in trouble. A couple of months ago I get contacted by police from Calgary saying she went to Calgary got knocked up and filed fake police reports on that guy too. So she’s onto her 3rd city in 3 years (Scarborough) probably looking for her next victim to play victim. Gentlemen be VERY VERY careful of this black widow. She’s pretty on the outside but ugly and crazy on the inside. You can’t believe anything she says and if you cross her she will make your life hell. Just avoid her and don’t fall for the trap. Even if you use her as a booty call you expose yourself. Hey Maricela how can you claim it wasn’t consensual when we spent all night doing it into the morning. And you didn’t even make me wrap it. Go get checked if you’ve hit it. Then get a restraining order.