Marisa Panaram — Sushi Smelling Floozy. Hey guys here we have Mali Panaram, owner of [REDACTED], she’s a Pepsi selling floozy who worked for years with floozy agency [REDACTED] her fake a55 and plastic surgery looks super trashy and whoever did the work needs to lose there medical license. She sells Pepsi out of her salon when she’s not selling her a55, she formerly worked for air Canada, used her job there to receive discounted flights and hotels to help her floozing business. Be weary of using credit cards at her business too she is know to also do fraud scams in Toronto area. And she gave drd to me, she met on tinder before she was living in tbay she use to visit to floozy, then she finally admitted that she wasn’t in town working for air Canada, even her ex Gordon was an ex client, stay away from this smelly sushi roll.