Marissa Marie Cold Hearted Fake Who Lies Uses And Hurts Everyone Around Her. You can call me a bad friend but I’m so tired of the sh1t Marissa Marie does to people including her own family expecially her mother and her brother. Marissa lives a lie and it’s a diffrent lie depending on who shes talking to. Most of her family think that Marissa is doing better and that shes doing everything she can to get her son back and she’s staying away from drugs and so is her boyfriend who is the father of her son but the TRUTH is she’s not doing everything she can to get her son back and she definitely isn’t staying clean! Marissa and her boyfriend both smoke pepsi every single day and they pop as meny pills as they can in the run of a day and neither of them can function until they get there methadone every morning. I guarantee you if Marissa really actually wanted to get her son back and actually be a mother she could! He was taken from her about two years ago she has had TWO YEARS to step up and change but she doesn’t want to! Having her son means she and her boyfriend can’t just live how ever they want which in all honesty is a good thing becuase Marissa is selfish and inmature and she rather stay with her junkie boyfriend. They both had the choice to either pick there son or drugs and BOTH times they picked drugs. I think her family needs to know this becuase maybe they can try and get help her becuase mentally there’s something wrong no normal person picks drugs over there kids and lies and steals from people. I don’t even know if anything of the things she told me where true… one day we were walking up to get her methadone in Highfield and she told me about her mother and step father doing needles with her when she was home living in truro and how her step father would slap her ass when she would walk by and a bunch of other really fuked up things and this was the day after he passed away that she told me this! She also makes up lies about her and her son’s father to cps. They both are on welfare which pays there rent and gives them extra money but they still called in and got that emergency [REDACTED] money and between them they got thousands of dollars which should of went to people who really needed people that don’t already have there rent paid for welfare will find out tho. Marissa clearly doesn’t see things how normal people do she’s very into herself and is always taking pictures but what’s sad is how horrible she really does look she looks way older then she is her eyes are just hollow her skin is greyish and her face is sucked in like a skeleton and her mom will post that she’s so beautiful but it’s not helping her. I really hope this opena her family eyes alittle becuase while they are eatting up her bullsh1t Marissa is out there stealing from peoples homes stealing from stores she even has two older men that she sleeps with for money. Hard truth Marissa is a full blow pepsi head that only cares about her life. Drugs and her boyfriend and herself is what Marissa loves…. not her son and being a mom. On her facebook it says something like children are the greatest gift or being a mom is and it just blows me away becuase she has so meny people fooled and I’m tired of her being so fuking selfish and selfcentered so Im putting the truth out there.